Federal MP Weighs In

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Wayne Marston, MP (Hamilton East – Stoney Creek) has asked the Hamilton Port Authority to put a moratorium on the infilling of the Harris Inlet and put the issue before the public. Read more …


The Name Game

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1900-map-crop.jpgMark McNeil’s article “Name That Inlet” questioned whether the body of water at the end of Strathhearne Ave (between Kenilworth and Parkdale) was ever called Harris Inlet. Most historical maps don’t give it a name at all, but this one, from 1900, clearly does (click on thumbnail to view full size). It’s always possible that the mapmakers got it wrong, after all, the Harris farm was on the east shore of Jones Inlet, the next one to the east. This was, however, only 183 m away! But whatever we call this inlet, it was substantial, and much of its natural vibrancy remains. Let’s stay focused on saving it.

Discussion Threads

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I’m sure that the information on this blog will generate a lot of discussion. That can get started by simply leaving comments on these posts. Once some clear categories emerge for discussion threads, we’ll put in a post for each category and the discussions can take place in the comments associated with each post. Make sense?

Presses Rolling

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The media is grabbing hold of this issue. Here are some links to recent articles:

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Name That Inlet (The Hamilton Spectator 04/02/08)

The Last Stand

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In the foreground of this picture you can see the Windermere Basin, an area which is being reclaimed from industrial development. Gradually, life is returning and the residents in the east of our city, as well as all those who pass by, can experience just a tiny fragment of what has become common-place in the west harbour, seen in the distance.

The area within the red circle is Secord’s bog. It is the northwest shoreline of Harris Inlet and, as the maps on this blog will demonstrate, has been a treed wetland throughout our city’s history. It is the last remaining stand of mature trees and diverse undergrowth in the whole east harbour. It is habitat to a wide diversity of wildlife – here’s an open invitation for readers to list what they have seen there as comments to this post.

What about the are withing the yellow circle, you ask?It was once open bay which, after being partially filled, also developed substantial tree and other vegetation growth, as this picture shows. However, since the picture was taken last autumn, the HPA has been ploughing over the trees and filling in the open water, as the following pictures clearly show. The life in the yellow circle has already been lost. Let’s save what still remains of Secord’s Bog and Harris Inlet.dredging-for-the-pier.jpg


Hidden Treasure

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big-pond.jpgNo, it’s not Coote’s Paradise. It’s actually what the Hamilton Port Authority is developing into Pier 22. This is a view looking south across what was once open Bay, but is now enclosed except for a small channel which still links it to the Bay. At the far end you can see an extensive stand of trees. The stream which is shown in the “Header” photo for this blog flows in at the far right of this picture (click on it to view it full size). This body of water is the more southerly of the two large bodies which are just north of the old shoreline, as shown in the map overlay in the “Hello World” post. What you see at the far end of this picture is what remains of Secord’s Bog. Why do we need to destroy such places of life and beauty for the sake of economic growth? Can’t places like this form part of our vision and strategy for a city which is vibrant and healthy in every aspect, including the economic?

Port Authority Plans for Pier 22 (Secord’s Bog and Harris Inlet)

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On the website of the Hamilton Port Authority, the whole area of Secord’s Bog and the remains of Harris Inlet are clearly designated for development as Pier 22. http://www.hamiltonport.ca/portmap/pier22/

And this page on their website shows the whole area as filled in! It is the pale yellow area in the lower right of the image.