The Last Stand


In the foreground of this picture you can see the Windermere Basin, an area which is being reclaimed from industrial development. Gradually, life is returning and the residents in the east of our city, as well as all those who pass by, can experience just a tiny fragment of what has become common-place in the west harbour, seen in the distance.

The area within the red circle is Secord’s bog. It is the northwest shoreline of Harris Inlet and, as the maps on this blog will demonstrate, has been a treed wetland throughout our city’s history. It is the last remaining stand of mature trees and diverse undergrowth in the whole east harbour. It is habitat to a wide diversity of wildlife – here’s an open invitation for readers to list what they have seen there as comments to this post.

What about the are withing the yellow circle, you ask?It was once open bay which, after being partially filled, also developed substantial tree and other vegetation growth, as this picture shows. However, since the picture was taken last autumn, the HPA has been ploughing over the trees and filling in the open water, as the following pictures clearly show. The life in the yellow circle has already been lost. Let’s save what still remains of Secord’s Bog and Harris Inlet.dredging-for-the-pier.jpg



~ by gregreader on February 5, 2008.

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