Hidden Treasure

big-pond.jpgNo, it’s not Coote’s Paradise. It’s actually what the Hamilton Port Authority is developing into Pier 22. This is a view looking south across what was once open Bay, but is now enclosed except for a small channel which still links it to the Bay. At the far end you can see an extensive stand of trees. The stream which is shown in the “Header” photo for this blog flows in at the far right of this picture (click on it to view it full size). This body of water is the more southerly of the two large bodies which are just north of the old shoreline, as shown in the map overlay in the “Hello World” post. What you see at the far end of this picture is what remains of Secord’s Bog. Why do we need to destroy such places of life and beauty for the sake of economic growth? Can’t places like this form part of our vision and strategy for a city which is vibrant and healthy in every aspect, including the economic?


~ by gregreader on February 5, 2008.

One Response to “Hidden Treasure”

  1. where the heck is the rap in all this!? Any idiot can see that this is a wrong-heade thing to do .It makes me want to leave hamilton .Im ashamed for our city

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