Hello world!

secords-bog.jpgOver the next few days we will be populating this blog with essential information concerning what remains of Harris Inlet in Hamilton’s east harbour. In particular, we will focus on the hidden treasure of what was once known as Secord’s Bog (shown in the 1792 map overlay at left), which the Hamilton Port Authority now appears to be in the final stages of filling in as part of the development of “Pier 22.” Keep yourself up to date with all the photos, map overlays, and insightful commentary which will soon be made available right here. And then speak out, through letters to the editor and opinion pieces in local and national papers (the Port Authority is a federal body), through contacting the Hamilton Port Authority, and through participating in public forums.

Thank you for helping to develop the health and vibrancy of our city!


~ by gregreader on February 5, 2008.

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  1. […] the two large bodies which are just north of the old shoreline, as shown in the map overlay in the “Hello World” post. What you see at the far end of this picture is what remains of Secord’s Bog. Why do we need […]

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